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Engraved Necklace with Hollow Heart
Engraved Necklace with Hollow Heart

Engraved Necklace with Hollow Heart

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Love should last forever and with our Engraved Necklace with Hollow Heart your name will forever be engraved next to the person who means the most to you!
Trying to find the perfect gift for a significant other? You definitely need to check out this Personalised heart necklace.
You can get any two names you would like on our heart necklace. To add a little extra touch of personalization, you can also choose two Swarovski crystal charms for the necklace. We suggest selecting the birthstone of each name on the engraved heart necklace!
The Engraved Necklace with Hollow Heart is made out of 0.925 Sterling Silver and hangs on a Sterling Silver Bead Chain

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