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Filigree Tree of Life Bracelet
Filigree Tree of Life Bracelet

Filigree Tree of Life Bracelet

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Show off those in your family who matter most with our beautiful Filigree Tree of Life Bracelet! Family tree jewellery is very popular because of its personalised touch, and this family bracelet definitely fits the bill. On the first disc, you can fill the tree with Swarovski crystals matching the birth month of each family member. And on the bottom disc, you can include all their names. With this family birthstone bracelet you will never feel far from your loved ones!
Make sure to get the matching Filigree Family Tree Birthstone Necklace.
The Filigree Tree of Life Bracelet is made out of 0.925 Sterling Silver and hangs on a Sterling Silver Link Chain.
You can also get this style as a Filigree Family Tree Birthstone Necklace.

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