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To better navigate your way on our site, we have created you a buying guide with tips and advice. 
There is a wealth of information available here with all relevant links. 
Have fun shopping on MyNameNecklace IE! 

Information about our products:

Chain Length Guide – Learn how to choose the best chain length 
Ring Size Guide – Easily determining your ring size 
Bracelet Size – Learn how to choose your bracelet size 
Width Guide: mm to Inch – Helpful information regarding the width of our pendants 
Care Instructions– Learn how to best care for your personalised jewellery 
Chain Collection– Information about our chains 

About us:

About Us – Find out about MyNameNecklace IE 
Delivery Information– Find delivery rates and information 
Customer Service & Help Center– Find more helpful information 
Terms and Conditions and your Privacy 
Cookie Policy 
Payment Policy 
Promotions, Vouchers and Coupons– How to use our promotion and coupons 
Return Policy – Our policy on returns and exchanges 
Reviews – What our customers have to say 
Contact Us – Use this to contact us 
FAQ– Frequently Asked Questions 

For more information, please see further articles for your use:

Celebrity Necklaces– See all the glamorous celebrities and their personalised jewellery 
Christmas gifts– Design the perfect Christmas Gift 
- Mother's Day– Make mum smile with these gorgeous gifts 
Valentine's Day– Impeccable couples jewellery